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Day 3 of being a OU student

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Edited by Gareth Thomas, Monday, 3 May 2021, 22:35

Today has been the least productive in terms of work being I finished all this weeks work. But I woke up around 1pm had lunch hang out with a friend today done some light reading on life for next week work. But what I have done is set up some timetables ready for the next few weeks knowing my work schedule found it a great use of my time to be prepared for this. Also sent an email to my tutor and looking forward to being in contact over the coming works whilst I progress through the course. Also outside of that I have been watching some science stuff on YouTube and found of some new interesting stuff in terms of animals and who protects there young best which was quite interesting which lead to more videos. Back to work tomorrow night so over the next few days things shall slow down until next weeks work so may or may not do some blogging whilst then depends if anything interesting happens. Now time for myself may start a new series or watch a movie and relax for the night l.

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