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Day 4 of Being a OU Student

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Today has been a good day for myself. I had a doctors appointment for my lenses which i put in my eyes for my eye condition and today have confirmed i have now regained 20/20 vision which has made my day and excited for the future, no longer fell held back in terms of what i am capable of in terms of vision gives me a major drive to succeed at my access course and take my studying further. Today i done some more further reading in my book, started to learn a little about Charles Darwin which is pretty cool have a feeling this section of the 3 units i have to do i am going to enjoy the most. Got to be honest seeing this blog and being able to write even if it just me reading back on how things are going for now has be somewhat enjoyable, looking forward to hopefully writing in here how well i do on my first TMA and how i can improve and do better. Time to relax now got a long week ahead now filled with work, may write some more entry's during the week will see as and when. smile
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