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Day 1 of week 2 of my studies

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Haven’t blogged for a few days now as not a lot was happening I was working a lot and I did start some of next weeks work but not a great deal. But today I have managed to study for around 3 hours today learning a lot. Has been really fun a lot to take in. Think I may call it a day for now and continue tomorrow as I’m on my shorter shifts next week so am able to do a lot more. Spoke with my tutor also which was pretty cool looking forward to future contact still got a very positive mind towards my studying hope it continues think the trick is little and often and not to blow out and do all the work in a few days. On holiday soon also so may take advantage of that to get ahead of myself so when time is little I won’t have to worry as much. But in general really happy with how things are going at the moment  smile.

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