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Week 2 Day 3 of my YO33 studies

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Thought I’d add another blog today as I didn’t have a chance to yesterday due to work and being back at the gym I did not get any time to study yesterday so today I made up for it and done a lot. Today been a fun day of learning for me learning about rock pools and the ecosystem and how it works been really fun and feel I have learnt a lot today. On a plus I am going to the beach on the weekend as I am on holiday for a week so going to try and find out some rock pools for sure to get a visual of what’s happening which would be cool smile. Finding the work, studying and now going to the gym routine quite enjoyable at the moment feel as though I got a nice balance of everything atm which is good. Think I’m going to check in for the night and finish up for tonight and start again tomorrow smile

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