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Week 3 day 1 of studying Y033

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Today has been a productive day for my studies will start yesterday I went to Isle of Wight for the day which was amazing. Looking out to the sea, thinking of what I learned the past week just appreciating it all was a wonderful thing for me was nice for the visual to think about what I learned. Today I managed to start my TMA question one and two of the assignment set feeling good about it at the moment. Also made a start on this week Module with time not going to be as strong this week going to need to rely on my last few days of my holiday to help get me ahead for this weeks learning and maybe use some extra time to maybe review my TMA and make sure it’s the best I can make it so I can show I understand a rock pool really well. Hope everyone  from YO33 is doing well on the course so far maybe they read this and can relate hope they are enjoying as much as I am. 

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