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Week 3 Day 2 of Y033

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Been another good day it terms of studying managed to get a lot done I felt learning a about plants and photosynthesis and the way it works and how it creates the energy for the plant to live. Thought it was really interesting to learn and to learn about animals in a small depth too and the different types of animals that rely on plants or can survive from plants and prey. Looking forward to learn more again tomorrow I know I didn’t have to take notes for the bits I’m reading at the moment but feel if I write it down I can store a lot more of the information which is something I found out which is good. Time to think about bed soon back to work tomorrow night so going to try make the most of the day before for studies before work also I have finished upto question 2 for my TMA I may make a start on question 3 as I feel it may take a while in terms of producing what I want in my head for how I want to present the Sudoku and explaining how i got the answers for it. If anyone reading this g’night be back maybe for a blog tomorrow. 

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