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Week 3 day 5 of Y033

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Just a quick blog today as I’m running slightly late for getting ready for work, but yesterday and today has gone really well, went in the TMA tutorial today with charlton which I found most helpful feeling a lot more happier when it comes it doing it now and handing in my first TMA is a lot of good points and helpful tips to go towards my thinking of my first assignment. Still finding it good my time keeping in terms of sticking to my planner for studying and not fell behind if anything I feel on top of it. Learning a lot atm is by the I feel going to be the most enjoyable unit to learn as it has my most interest in wanting to know more. Looking forward to learning more and more going to go back to my TMA soon I have started and make some tweaks in light of some of the advice charlton said and going to do that soon when I find some spare time to do that. Best get going to work long night ahead followed by the gym in the morning. Might do another blog tomorrow hopefully learning more about sudoku and how I am going to do my question for that in my TMA smile 

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