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Week 3 day 6 of studying Y033

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Today has been the easiest I felt in terms of learning as it was to do with maths, I done the calculator first part in ease, I did maths GSCE re takes recently even though I was not able to complete due to a back injury I was very close to finishing and remember an awful lot so the term bidmas was still very clear on the brain as it was maybe only 3 years ago I done that, but it was still nice to know that I still remember the right way of doing it after a few years break, still feel my studies are going well I left a few pages which I will do tomorrow to finish up for the week ready for week 4. On reflection so far I feel as though I have learned an awful lot and I find myself brain storming what I learnt when I’m at work as I enjoyed it that much thinking in my head what I have learned, going to try take some time next week to start my TMA again and re do it as it’s when I have the most time free but so far I am loving doing this and looking forward to learning more 

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