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Week 4 day 3 of Y033

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Haven’t blogged for the last few days been super busy with work also with the gym as well just haven’t had a chance to just have an update. Studying has been going well today I spent a good part of the day completing my first TMA going to use the rest of the week to make sure it’s the best assignment I can hand in want to try and aim for as good as a grade as possible and I am able to show I fully understand what I have learnt so far. Have done some of this weeks work so far but have not gotten too far ahead slightly behind on that but plan to catch up over the next few days so I am on top of it all smile. Going to relax for the evening waiting for a parcel to come with the talk or food chain wildlife ecosystems I’ve decided to buy a trail camera that I am going to put somewhere and hopefully catch some nice footage of some wildlife let’s hope it works smile

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