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Week 6 Day 3 of YO33

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Today has been a really good day in terms of getting back on track with my work. Managed to do all the maths section of last weeks work in a few hours whilst in the garden with a cold drink and whilst listening to drake and josh on my laptop. Felt that it went really well maths is one of my stronger areas so all the stuff I was reading was very familiar and was easy to understand. Just happy I have managed to catch upto this weeks work and will be able to do more work tomorrow before work tomorrow and hopefully by Saturday be fully back on track. Got a new desk coming tomorrow for my room, have been working on my bed with taking notes which was getting uncomfortable so I decided to invest in a bigger pc desk so I am able to do my work as well as having my pc stuff on the same desk so looking forward to that and depending on the time that comes I may do some work on it tomorrow smile. Going to leave it there for the day today has been a longer blog.

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