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Reflective practice is very commonly used word in early years practice and learning particularly. As majority of the modules come to end now in the Open University is great opportunity for all students to look back and take a stock of many aspects of their learning and how it can impact their practice. Hold the mirror close and see how your learning and you as an early year’s practitioner have changed!

Start with the beginning of the module and your learning’s starting point along with the study skills that you were confident in. Has the module added more confidence or added as a new academic skill that you can take forward to the next module?

Relook the knowledge part the module has contributed to your holistic development as an early year’s practitioner. Would you feel confident now say for example, talking about a particular theory, concept, ideas that has really been novel to you on the module?

Has there been a change of approach and direction in how your personal and job-related commitments have been managed on the module so far? What has worked for you as an early year’s student for time management? 

Think of the advice that you would like to give to yourself may be to a new student on the module. This helps you to rethink and reflect to “tune in” to your worries at the start of the module and what not to take forward to the next module journey.


And lastly, let the learning Journey continue!

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