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End of first module nerves

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Edited by Laura Thomson, Tuesday, 21 Dec 2021, 16:39

So K102 has drawn to a close and I am now waiting for my EMA result.  I haven’t thought about it much since submission but now results day is looming and the nerves are now starting! Mainly due to the fear of having to resit when I have so many other things going on with placements and module material, assignments and assessment interviews coming up I really don’t want any added stress.  I know I worked really hard on the EMA and I need to have confidence that I have done enough to pass. 

As a student nurse though I have found it is a series of questioning yourself.  Have I answered correctly? Have I performed well enough on placement? Have I retained all the information my supervisor/assessor has been giving me? And then the realisation hits me at different times that all of the decisions my supervisor/assessor makes in a shift I will be making in the not so distant future and then I question whether I am capable or not!

For now, first year is flying in, I have immensely enjoyed my studies so far and am proud of what I have achieved to date, with support from my work colleagues, placement mentors, practice/academic tutor, family and the occasional gin I am getting there!

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Hi Laura,

Well done! You have finished the first module a very important step. Now you know you are capable of university study!

You sound confident so I am sure you will do well.