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Edited by Renu Bhandari, Wednesday, 28 Jul 2021, 12:22

One of my early years student has penned a beautiful poem titled- "Hope".


When the night imprisons me,

I urge to set the hope free.
To make it easier to accept
the darkness prevailing.

Not too dark, no, not too long
For the light in the sky is still not gone!
The Stars twinkle and the moon shine
Making me feel just fine.

Thoughts are dark roaring loud,
piercing the silence quite proud.
Murky feelings question the future,
Coercing to assess the blessed presence.

Desires and dreams fill my day,
Reasons and patience part the play.
Hope holds me strong,
To chase after what's longed.

It is too far away in the distant,
Even if I'm persistent !
Trying to reach the impossible,
I forget to accept it is implausible.

Never give up! tells, my mind;
I have already left reasoning behind.
Failure sabotage my self confidence,
Self - worth and all that give little countenance.

Therefore, when the night imprisons me,
I urge to set the hope free!
In an attempt to accept
the Darkness prevailing.

Accept the darkness as it is,
it is not too dark, no, not for long.
There is light in the sky.


        (I always wanted to work with children, though, straight after my degree in Science I ended up working in multi national companies for nearly 8 years. I needed more than just a financial freedom. Something like, hearty satisfaction at the end of the day to say my work is not just a job but something I wake up to every morning. So, I quit my job at that time and finished a diploma course in Montessori pedagogy. Since then, there is no turning back. Its been 8 years since. I worked in a Montessori school in India until I moved to the UK. In the UK, I have worked with parents of the at risk children called Family learning and currently, I work in an early years setting).

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Hi Renu,

This is a great poem expressing strong feelings of hope against all obstacles! Where hope prevails!