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Edited by Patrick Andrews, Thursday, 19 May 2011, 15:54

I am now about half way through the marking for E844 e-TMA 1.  Having done it eight times before, it is interesting how similar the assignments are the first time and how much most (but not unfortunately all) students seem to develop over the year.

Problems with the first assignment tend to be that some students over emphasise experience and what they already know without fully engaging with the course material - they seem to be lead by experience rather than the course content.

Some students do not refer to the course content enough in the first assignment.  I hope that feedback will encourage them to do so more.


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Patrick Andrews

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Now finished marking.  Overall, the assignments were quite good and I expect a lot of the students will do even better next time.

Something that would make an improvement next time would be more use of headings by some students and a more questionning attitude to what the headings should be.