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An interesting thought provoking article by Stefan Collini

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Edited by Patrick Andrews, Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011, 10:28

A very interesting article by Stefan Collin in the London Review of Books.


I think this is a good point:

" But this, other problems aside, comes perilously close to reducing important human experiences to a set of ‘preferences’ as reported on a tick-box questionnaire. I would hope the students I teach come away with certain kinds of dissatisfaction (including with themselves: a ‘satisfied’ student is nigh-on ineducable), and it matters more that they carry on wondering about the source of that dissatisfaction than whether they ‘liked’ the course or not."


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Thanks so much for drawing attention to this article, though I can hardlybear to read about Browne.He treats education as a commodity in a market, rather than a means of developing  people's minds and imaginations and so, potentially enhancing everyone's experiences. A degree shoud not be treated as job ticket.

 The future for arts subjects seems particularly bleak and yet they are central to a civilised life( by civilised I don't mean luxurious  or wealthy and able to afford Covent Garden prices, but able to appreciate and value things of the mind and spirit and so to value other people)


Patrick Andrews

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Some related points in this Guardian article although this one is less interesting.  Most of the comments below are fairly irrelevant to the issues raised in the article.