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National Poetry Day

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Edited by Lisa Hartwell, Thursday, 7 Oct 2021, 12:49

This is a poem I wrote incorporating characters from my favourite authors stories. 

Dear Stephen

Hope this letter finds you well

It’s been so long, I have lots to tell

This morning Georgie passed by the house in his yellow coat

He was playing in the rain with his paper boat

Am I right in thinking you made it for him?

Seems he has gone missing, the searchers found a limb

Yesterday, Carrie White caused mayhem at the school prom

A fire raged and the school went up like a bomb

Arnie Cunningham has a new car. A Plymouth Fury

I heard it took itself for a drive and drove over a bully

Oh, By the way Annie Wilkes has a new fella

She keeps him hidden away down in her cellar

Anway Stephen, give my love to your mommy

I’ve got to go as Here comes Johnny!

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Hi Lisa,

I like your poem,  it's very interesting the way you have incorporated your favourite characters into the poem.

Best wishes 



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Thanks Gill, 

I'm glad you liked it. Stephen King is one of my favourite authors and he has written so many books and characters it was hard to choose which ones to use.