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I wasn't nearly as attentive to my tasting Tuesday as I was to my Smelly Monday, but that could be because I was much busier at work today. It started off with a FOUR hour, yes 4 hour, United call. Basically four hours of patting ourselves on the back for doing such a good job - oh yes - that's the job we're being paid to do. I am not a big fan of team building, culture, aren't we all wonderful, I love my team mates, I'm saving the world. I suppose there are idealists who believe that. I am not one of them. But, again, I digress. 

I didn't really taste my food as I should have because by the time I got to eating, I was famished and just wolfing it down. Also, I try to only go grocery shopping about every two weeks and just pick up things like eggs and fresh veg because they don't last for two weeks. (I go through a dozen eggs a week!) So lunch today was one can of albacore tuna, rocket, mixed salad greens, feta with some balsamic vinaigrette on it. The salad was delight - crispy and full of chlorophyll - fresh from the farmer's market on Sunday. And the feta was tangy and biting, but I think the fat free feta is not as tasty as the regular feta. 

Dinner was a bit better because I bought a frozen dinner (Amy's Vegetarian) and it had a delight Mexican blend of black beans, corn, salsa and CHEESE! I love cheese but I limit how much I eat of it. I could just eat cheese and bread for the rest of my life and never feel like I was missing anything else. I also baked a sweet potato and put real butter on it, again, something I rarely do. Along with the cheese and bread, I could just eat butter and bread to liven it up  Soft melty butter on a hot sweet potato on a cold New England night with a nor'easter blowing through. Very satisfying.

My sweet treat for the day will be my chocolate bar with vanilla bean and hazelnut butter. Every day I am allowed one sweet treat at the end of the day and 9 times out of 10, it's a chocolate bar. It's the best calorie to size ratio I can find. I will remember to smell my chocolate bar before I break off each square, and let that one square melt slowly only my tongue, savoring the full flavor, before moving on to the next. 


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