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Celebrating the Guy Fawkes Night on 5th Nov,  here is a contribution to my Blog by a 7 year old child. Enjoy.  


Boom, boom, bang, crash

Zooming up in the sky at night

Flashing colours and loads of light

Enjoy the Guy Fawkes night.


Toffee apples, hot dogs and

Popcorn crowds warm up

In the night chill children

Scream and shout

Enjoying the fireworks...



Sparkle, shine, Red, Blue and Green

Oh how I wish all these fireworks

Would be...


Written by        AB (7 year Old)

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Hi Renu,

What a charming little poem! so full of childlike innocence and blissfully unaware of the history and drama behind this gruesome celebration. O happy innocents !


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Lovely ❤ bless X