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Today at CrossFit I looked at the 44 lb kettle bell, lifted it with one hand and thought, "No way I'm doing 45 kettlebell swings with that weight." So I dropped down one step to the 35 lb kettlebell and banged out 5. The WOD was 15 KB swings (heavy) and 20 pulls ups (scaled), 3 rounds for time. I looked at the next KB down and thought about picking up the 26 lb. KB. 

Since February, I've been working on deadlifting my body weight and doing 1 unassisted pull up. 

So I took the 35 lb KB, and banged my way through 15 swings in a row, no break during the 15, then 20 scaled pull ups, then back to the KB, back to the pull ups, back to the KB, finish with pull ups. 

I realize now, when heavy KBs are in the WOD, I can move up to the 44 lb KB. 

I realize now that writing a book proposal and synopsis of the book I haven't yet written is like picking up the 44 lb KB. It's harder and slower then the creative writing piece. I have to be more focused. I'm a bit slower. But I'll get it done.

black 35 lb kettle bell with yellow tape and company name TRX on it.

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