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I'm getting myself all psyched up for starting my course. On 31/08/22 Weds I phoned to explain that I have no study materials as they were sent to my old address but the call did not go well.

I also have my OU microsoft email address but no password so I don't know how to go about  getting a password.

I also need to try and find out how I go about getting a laptop for my studies so that I can get microsoft 365, I don't know if I'm eligible for any sort of loans #43andstudyingagain 

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Hi Donna,

You can set up your own OU name and password on your student account. When asked for your 'name' you just enter whatever you wish e.g. a couple of letters and numbers and a password of your own making into the password box. It's a good idea to write them down so as not to forget them. Eventually they will become automatic to your memory. In fact your student 'name' will appear automatically when you click into that box.