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Hues -Building wellbeing and connectedness in Associate lecturers

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The key aim of this project "Hues" in Access Open and Cross Curricular Innovation (AOCCI) was to involve all ALs in Access with creative arts and boost their wellbeing through connectedness and positive sense of self through expressions on Hues. This encompassed expressions through paintings, drawings, creative writings, crafts, and photography etc. These creative pieces were shared through an online virtual gallery (Hues) created on Open Studio easily accessible to all.  The key aims of this project were as follows.


1.    Build a sense of connectedness and self-expression in the Access AL community.

2.    Enhance wellbeing and reduce isolation of Access ALs through creative expression of arts.

3.    Create a safe space for Access ALs to build their self-care and wellbeing.

4.    Encourage inclusion of all Access ALs giving them a diversity of expression through creative choices rather than just academic writing and teaching.

Attached are some images form 2021-2022 galleries. 

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