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Edited by Richard Hill, Friday, 20 Jan 2023, 14:03

A few months ago I joined Slough Writers Group. We meet every Monday evening between 7.30 - 9.30 pm. I really enjoy taking part. We meet roughly during term time and each 'term' the group runs a competition. We meet at Burnham Working Mens Club. It's on the opposite side of Slough to where I live (in Langley), but its not too far. We were told last night of a relatively new writing group in central Slough called 'The Hershel Writers Circle'. It meets in the 'Hershel Arms' from 7.30 - 10.00 pm. It was run by local poet Pete Cox (see also his facebook page here). I'm going along tonight to see what this group is like. I'll report back and tell you what it's like.

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Richard in Holland

The Innerverse Writing Group

Just got back (22.37). I really enjoyed this evening at 'The Innerverse Writing Group' held at the 'Hershel Arms' in Slough. Met the host Pete Cox at 7 pm and another Richard. Read out my story 'Me and Leonard' before the group got going, then we did some 'freewriting' for 10 minutes. Went round the group of 6 participants reading what we'd just written. Then a member (can't remember her name) ran a workshop about writing, recording and producing work for radio and invited us each to write a short monologue radio piece and suggest accompanying music and then read it out. We then had a discussion about it. We then read out pieces of work we'd bought with us and discussed the pieces. I read out 'A lad's tale told' which they seemed to like and commented positively on. By then it was closing time of 22.00. We meet again in 2 weeks. In the meantime we are invited to write a 750 word piece of work. I really enjoyed it.