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We’ll time for TMA 01, relatively simple. Feel like a pariah though, all the time. I find all the sympathetic touchy feely attitudes and inclinations quite repellant and the lack of reasoning is odd. I have many questions to ask of the course material but no one to ask. The forum available is specific so queries cannot be raised there. A scientific enquiry into which I cannot enquire.

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Judith McLean

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Hi Andrew

I feel the same with my module.  Questions to ask and nowhere to ask them.  First time this has happened.



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What are you studying? Tutor is usually the person you would direct your queries to, not forums, which are just peer support and discussion, if there are students who are willing to discuss. 

A man with a beard

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Go to the OU Student Association and follow the links to to the online drop-ins. You can get real-time face to face contact with other students. This may well help you, It certainly helps me.