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I'm in the local library today. The weathers been lovely but probably too hot for me to spend the amount of hours I need to studying. I began to fall behind over the last few weeks with my first assignment to write the timing wasn't brilliant.

The reasons for that are good though. I landed a new job and left my last one two weeks ago, I start my new job this week. So I have had a good deal of time in between to catch up with studying and yet that hasn't really happened. Perhaps I have just had too much time on my hands!

In truth I could have got on top of the study first but I also knew there was a lot of other bits that I just wouldn't get the time to do if I didn't take advantage of my unexpected employment break - plus I had a pre-planned holiday also arranged during these weeks. I did manage to squeeze in a couple of hours studying during the holiday too.

So while I am technically still behind I am working to get back on track and I'm not overly concerned. My old work hours meant that I was always starting each week of study at the end of the week as the only free time I had was towards the end of the week. My new job and new hours have flipped that around.

Ideally by next week I will get myself ahead of schedule and into a good new routine.

The view for today:

Today's study view in the library.

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