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I thought I would be updating this blog every time I studied. My plan was for it to be a record of how studying was going and also the places I have ventured out to. My intention has been to study in a different location each week. I try and study somewhere other than home because I am great at procrastinating - especially when there are million chores I could do at home rather than sitting down and cracking on with studying. Not that I find it boring I just try and find any distraction. 

It still feels like a novelty for me to open up my laptop outside of home and I really do want to make the most of the nice weather before it all goes south for winter - then who knows where I will take to studying, maybe a tour of coffee shops and libraries across the south of England!?

I haven't really been able to visit many different locations as one thing or another has got in the way so far, so mostly its been the local park where I sit at the same picnic bench, until today where I walked around and found a different one in the middle of a community orchard. That sounds quite impressive but there are about six apple trees.

I did venture further a couple of weeks ago to sit alongside the coast, where a bird with an overly long beak distracted me - it turns out it was an oyster catcher. I still got the studying done mind you. So far so good. I'm reaching the end of the first block and my first marked assignment went well, the grade was satisfactory as far as I'm concerned.

Meanwhile here's the view from a couple of weeks ago:

Study by the sea

Here is the view for today:


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