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Video feedback for TMAs

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I am experimenting with giving some feedback in the form of spoken feedback with the student's assignment on the screen with a small window showing me talking, using Screen Pal.  I also provide less detailed written feedback.

I think there are advantages to providing feedback in this form.  One is that the tone of voice perhaps helps to show students that we are "on their side" and although we might make some criticisms, these are made with the intention of helping them.  This kind of feedback also means that students need to engage with feedback rather than briefly skim the written feedback.  Of course, this advantage only works if the students engage with the video feedback.

I emailed students whether they would like video feedback and I had a few replies and so far, I have restricted the video feedback to those who seemed keen to try it.  I am hoping they will comment on whether they preferred it and (more importantly) whether they learn more from it.

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