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Edited by Emily Blakey, Wednesday, 11 May 2011, 10:30

Night terror last night. Okay not unusual and went back to sleep. But, I woke this morning on the sofa. Have no idea how I got there. I must have sleep walked. Thats unusual for me now...Bummer...

What the hell is it!!! What is is that sometimes you have night disturbances and sometimes you don't??? One day I will have an insight...(I hope) And I bet it is an additive thing. I bet its a threshold that is reached by a combination of factors. One factor on this list I suspect is an allergic reaction resulting in inflammation????

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lol At least you were on the sofa. ... A numner of years ago i woke up with mucky feet so dear knows where I went surprise

jenny x

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Hey! a fellow sleep walker! 

I rarely sleep walk anymore, but, I do think I am only hlaf-conscious quite often in the middle of the night. I can go get a drink or a even a magnum ice-cream sometimes...I really don't think I am fully "aware", however, I do remember it the next day. This incident, is the first time for years and years I have done something with absolutely no recollection of it.  smile

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Ps, where do you think you went?? To get muddy feet you must have gone outside!!  I must tell my husband...he finds it so difficult to understand...

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Not a notion were i went blush 

Ive been semi-conscious sometimes but its usually if i fall asleep on the sofa. Ive also went to the wrong bed and found myself in locations and wondered what am I doing here lol

jenny x