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Video feedback - further thoughts

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I have been providing more video feedback and thinking more about the advantages and drawbacks.

Students have written and said it seems more personal and I can see why this seems to be the case. They can see that for at least ten minutes, their assignment is what I am concentrating on (of course, it is much more than this as I have already read and commented on the assignments).  This might help to reduce the "loneliness of the (long) distance learner". 

One student commented on how she had to listen on her phone and this represents an investment in terms of time for her and probably means that she will be engaging more with the feedback.  This does not mean she has to agree with it but it will at least mean she has something to reflect on as she makes progress.

Something I have come to think is that I should not rerecord unless I make a serious mistake.  The hesitations and grappling for the right way to express my views should be part of the experience for the writer.  I am not aiming to make my feedcback an example of a "good presentation" but an attempt to take the student's work seriously and ideally engage in dialogue.

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