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New year, new blogs

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Happy new year to readers of my blog.

For new year I've decided to split my blog onto various topic-based websites.

I won't be blogging on here any more, but you can continue to read my contributions:

In general on Society Matters, the excellent OU blog about all things societal,

About relationships on Rewriting the Rules, my new blog to accompany my forthcoming book,

About mindfulness on Social mindfulness, another new blog on meditative and other practices and how they relate to therapy and to wider social issues,

About mental health and existential philosophy on the Northern Existential Group,


About sexuality and LGBT issues on BiUK.

Please sign up to follow any of these that you are interested in and you'll be sent reminders when a new page or post is up. You can also follow me on twitter at megbarkerpsych, where I tweet updates of new posts.




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