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Edited by Sam Marshall, Friday, 5 Jun 2009, 17:06

I'm making some progress on the forum, in between bugfixing and eating licquorice all-sorts (thanks James!). Here's the index.php:


If you squint, you'll see that it is basically the same as the current forum's index screen. (Of course, if you're an OU user, you may realise that we don't actually use the forum index screen here!) There are three notable changes:

  1. The 'unread' count is given as a number of discussions containing unread messages, rather than a number of posts. (This was easier to compute and makes more sense since it's next to the total number of discussions, not posts.)
  2. Feeds are available in both Atom and RSS format (like our blog). These don't actually work yet.
  3. The 'general / learning forums' dichotomy isn't present. This forum doesn't integrate with the latest course news block etc, so there isn't really any such thing as a 'general' forum.

Clicking on the links to the forum takes you to the forum discussion list, which isn't done yet either... smile In fact this is the first 'finished' main UI screen (the global settings page is finished too, but that's not very exciting).

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