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Edited by Sam Marshall, Friday, 26 June 2009, 17:35

By today I'd hoped to have the ForumNG discussion display working in the basic non-JavaScript version, but that was not to be sad

I've got about half-way through the display of single posts, which is obviously a key part of this, but.

On the plus side, the forum view page is pretty well complete now (the sorting options work, mark read works, etc).

As for why that discussion code isn't done yet, well, out of five days this week I've recorded 1.25 days of development. The rest is code review and otherwise assisting the other developers on my team; fixing problems with our live system, and analysing a performance question (we've just made a 3% performance improvement, woohoo); providing support for users of our existing stuff; etc. I sincerely hope next week is better, otherwise I may need to go into hiding in order to get anything else done.

Oh, and I've now seen a document sent by aggrieved FirstClass users. For non-OU people: FirstClass is the existing commercial conferencing system we use; it's being phased out in favour of Moodle forums, which is basically why I'm writing an updated Moodle forum version.

They seem to be rather concerned about bandwidth usage! I'll have to make sure ForumNG is reasonably efficient in that regard... now I'm wondering whether I should change all my CSS class names that begin 'forumng-' to 'fng-', which would save a whole 5 bytes each time...

[Conclusion: Er, no.]

Or, maybe if we turn on gzip transport compression they will be perfectly happy with getting rid of FirstClass...?

[Conclusion: Hell no. smile]

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