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UK Moodle Moot 2010

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Edited by Sam Marshall, Friday, 23 Apr 2010, 22:39

Sorry, I have been totally neglecting this blog. It's so busy at work I don't have time to write entries...

Anyway, along with a bunch of other OU people, I went to the UK moodle moot last week. It was terrible! No, not the moot, but I had to get up at 07:00 one day and 06:30 the other day. It was like living in another time zone or something.

The moot was okay. I didn't like most of the keynotes. (And said so in a meeting afterwards... forgetting my boss had given one. Ooops.) But there were several interesting presentations, particularly one about how higher education institutions handle Moodle development and one about different models for funding open source development. I didn't give a presentation - I submitted a proposal but either it was rejected or they lost it. Oh well, it would only have been another boring demo of ForumNG anyhow!

More of a personal blog thing (but it's not like I'm writing this on work time)... I took my camera one day and took a few photos. I stuck the selected ones on Flickr which is where I put random collections of not very good photos... Anyway, if anyone's interested, there are 8 pictures starting here (click picture then use 'next' link at right to go through them):


The reflections in that are about the most people you'll see in any of them. I don't do pictures of people. smile But the moot was held in the University of London's Senate House building, which is a really impressive landmark building. Unfortunately, we tried, but we couldn't get to the top floor or anywhere near it... Ah well.

I'll try to do another post soon (...ish) about development work, which is of course ongoing!

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