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H810: Week 13 : Activity 26.2

Visible to anyone in the world


Week 13: Activity 26.2: Creating Special Resources

JISC TechDis: Text-only web sites: accessibility savour or a waste of time?



Quick and easy method

Segregation of disabled people

Good for transcripts

Solution for blind people not others


Conversion also has barriers


Complex to maintain two sites


Which appears on search?


Difficult for people with reading disabilities


The Speechlet Project (Mullier, 2003)

Allows blind students of Java programming to use existing course material.

Really close to home this one as I have spent hours trying to describe computer screens to students desperately trying to write graphics programs.



Allows visualisation of graphics

Students learning material they may never use

Easier for lecturers than rewriting course for one student


Allows student to cover same material as other students


Students learn to use graphical elements that may be needed i workplace


Student can work without booking support workers




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