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Edited by Sam Marshall, Thursday, 19 Aug 2010, 16:27

It's all about OU blog recently! Well, it isn't, but that's what I'm going to post about.

First, just to mention, we started releasing a new 'stable version' yesterday. See the relevant Moodle forum if you're interested, or just go to the information/download page.

Second, I've made a new screencast about the public comments feature. This might be of interest to people at the OU as well as to Moodle community users; at the OU, we ought to be getting public comments next month.

Screencast about public blog comments (4.5MB) - click the Open link at top left of the Google Docs page

One thing to clarify since I'm not sure I made it totally clear in the video - the new feature is totally optional. Public comments will not be allowed on any blog post anyone makes anywhere on the system, unless that person specifically selects it.


The public comments feature was actually coded a little while back, but it's been tested just recently. Apart from fixing bugs (which is the story of my life right now, at least when I'm not in meetings) we've also been working on stuff for the December release which is going to have some nice features.

I think the best one is probably being able to subscribe to specific groups within ForumNG (which Ray is coding). This should be particularly useful for course* staff and some tutors, and for generally making the subscription logic more comprehensible. There's also some improvements to the search-all-forums feature that Mahmoud did.

* I'm not sure I'm allowed to still say 'course'! Maybe somebody will jump out and kill me.

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