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久しぶりですね… ahem, okay, that's silly (but I did think of it in dubious Japanese first and I can't remember how to - oh yes) - it's been a long time, hasn't it! Sorry for not updating this blog more frequently. Anyway, I just wanted to make a blog post at the end of our (Open University's) Moodle 2 QA testing day.

In an attempt to help (in a very small way) the Moodle core team get toward release of Moodle 2, or at least get better informed about its status, we decided to get nearly all the developers here to take part in the Moodle QA testing cycle 2 for one day. Mostly our developers have no experience of Moodle 2, and we also need them to learn about it, so taking part in the testing was a good opportunity to improve that knowledge. We got them to install Moodle 2 on their own virtual dev server here as well, so they know how to install it and such too.

I was hoping we would be able to go through all the remaining test cases but we didn't quite manage it. Still there are only 7 open test cases now which is a lot fewer than there were at the start of the day! We found quite a lot of bugs, and some things that weren't bugs smile and personally I also fixed a few bugs in my part of the code [completion]. I think Tim fixed some things too, even though he didn't do any test cases.

Here are the test stats for today (assuming my dubious Jira query worked):

  • Al did 2 test cases (both passed)
  • Anthony did 14! (3 failed)
  • Colin did 3 (1 failed)
  • Derek did 1 (failed)
  • James did 5 (2 failed)
  • Jason did 4 (1 failed)
  • Jes did 3 (all passed)
  • Mahmoud did 2 (both passed) (these show as me in the tracker because I clicked the 'pass' button)
  • I (sam) did 7 (2 failed)

So Anthony wins the test day by a factor of 2. smile And that's 41 test cases altogether. [By the way, it wasn't a fair competition - a few of these people weren't actually able to dedicate the whole day to it, and also, some test cases take more effort than others. Some people were struggling to get their system installed, etc.]

I don't think this will have helped a lot in terms of the release of Moodle 2 - unfortunately in most cases we aren't in a position to actually fix the bugs we might have found, yet at least - but it probably helped a bit and it's good that we did it!

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