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We had the second Moodle Monday event at the OU. This time we were attempting to fix bugs in Moodle 2, instead of just doing QA testing. Or in other words...


I'm not doing an individual score table this time (although depending on how you count it, Jenny is the winner smile but here's the outcome summary:

We looked at 27 bugs.

We potentially fixed (either attaching a patch to the bug, or actually committing) 12 of them. (Mostly these were just submitted as patches, so they might not necessarily all be accepted as correct fixes by the community.)

In 6 other cases we were able to determine that the bug isn't reproducible, is invalid, or is a duplicate.

For the other cases, either it was too difficult to fix or we just ran out of time. In some cases we were able to add comments to the bug describing our investigation, possibly helping whoever works on that bug next.

Hopefully this has been helpful to the Moodle project. I don't know yet if we're going to do Moodle Monday next week as well, let's see. smile

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Tim at the Lone Pine koala sancutary

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Apparently we will be doing it again next Monday.

Very cool

Thanks for all the work!