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Edited by Sam Marshall, Tuesday, 19 Jul 2011, 15:04

I thought it was time to make another short screencast (approx 4 minutes). This one is aimed at Moodle 2 developers. It's about the renderers feature in Moodle 2 and how you can use it to create significantly different designs. The example I show is the discussion page of ForumNG.

The development work shown in this video was actually all done by Ray Guo. I didn't do any of the actual work. smile But I wanted to talk quickly about the approach. Basically, we (...er, again, meaning Ray) were able to implement a particular graphic design using the renderers feature in Moodle 2.

In order to watch the screencast:

  • Download the SWF file from GoogleDocs. Save it onto your desktop or somewhere convenient.
  • Click and drag the SWF file into a spare tab of a suitable web browser such as Firefox or IE9 (old versions of IE don't work).

Note: I accidentally had the audio levels too loud! Set your volume low before you start. Sorry.


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