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(Of interest to Moodle 2 users at other sites, developers etc.)

I've just submitted another minor administration feature for Moodle 2.2. It makes consistent across most parts of the system which user fields are displayed in lists, and lets you choose from a selection of fields; the default is to display email (same as current behaviour in most places, just a bit more consistent) but you can change it to show, e.g., idnumber and department if you like. Also adds security control for the feature.

MDL-26647 - has more complicated info and screenshots

As I've only just submitted it, I don't know for sure yet whether the feature will be accepted by HQ (possibly with revisions, of course). I really hope it is. We need it at the OU because administration is extremely difficult when you are trying to e.g. add somebody to a course, and you can't tell which of the ten Sam Marshalls in our database you should actually add!

It's actually top of the priority list I got from the person in charge of managing our transition from VLE1 (based on Moodle 1.9) to VLE2 (based on Moodle 2.1+), in the section labeled 'Hyper important'. (The other two sections are 'Super important' and 'Very important'. I found this amusing.)

I was also pleased and slightly surprised to see that there are 19 votes for the feature, only 17 of which are from me under various aliases*. That puts this in the top 100 most requested Moodle features. Hopefully that increases my chances. smile

* That was a lie! Honest... ;)

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