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Just an update for any other sites using the Open University's Moodle 2 modules that I am responsible for, such as ForumNG, OU blog, OU wiki, and subpage.

Currently these modules are available and maintained for Moodle 2.2, with stable versions updated monthly (and occasionally at other times) when there are changes. In order to get the updates, you have to grab them from our GitHub site as I do not have time to do the manual update process for the Moodle plugin site.

Moodle 2.3 is about to be released but the OU will not be using it immediately. There are  changes in Moodle 2.3 which break some of our modules, especially ForumNG. If you rely on our modules and don't want to do without them, it would be advisable not to upgrade to 2.3 until we do.

I don't promise dates and these might change but I would expect that we will have 2.3-compatible but untested versions of these modules in our code repositories at some point during September. It looks likely that our first 2.3 stable branch will be in early December.

Before then, if people wish to submit patches (using our GitHub site) to fix problems so that the modules do actually work in 2.3 earlier, you could do and if it seems safe I will include it. But please test the patch fully against 2.2 before submitting. smile

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Im intrigued. What are the forum ng breaking changes?

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Dan: I don't know, but people report that it's broken smile

I think it's something to do with the file manager / HTML editor - there is some really specialised code in order to get the HTML editor (with accompanying file manager) to appear dynamically within the discussion page. I remember writing it that I was doing my best to make it cope with changes, but felt it would still be pretty fragile.

It might well be better to rewrite this code to use an iframe for the editor during reply/edit operations so that it can be displayed 'normally'.


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Aaaargh. Been there. Is this available on gitHub? Do we need a login or can we just fork?

An iFrame is deffo not the way to go!


Instructional Technology, Davidson College

On our Moodle site, subpages are working perfectly for students but are not visible to guests. Are we doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

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It's possible that subpages require login (and not as guest). That might be a bug, so feel free to file it in the GitHub issues tab for the subpage project if you like.

Printing capability in OU Wiki

Hi Sam, Many thanks for the OUwiki on Moodle which I am using for the first time on Moodle. Having got the students to create a 3 page wiki, I'm now having difficulty getting hard copy out for grading purposes. Unfortunately 'export to portfolio' isn't working. Firefox and Explorer (not Chrome) offer content selection and a 'print selected' option which I've been trying to .pdf. Unfortunately these seem unreliable and either include side menus, or fail to print past the first page. What would be really useful would be to have a 'print wiki' option next to the 'export' option. This would ideally interface with the local printer options, including .pdf. Any suggestions for a workaround that doesn't include copy paste ? Thanks Paul

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How about copy and.... oh damn smile

Seriously, copying from the 'all pages' view of the wiki into Word or some similar application might be the best option.

Export to portfolio (e.g. file download, you need to enable that at system level) is definitely supposed to work. If it doesn't, you could consider filing an issue in our GitHub project.

At the OU we have an 'export to RTF' portfolio plugin but it only does the same thing as file download, except in RTF instead of in HTML. Also it has its own problems...

Printing from web pages is not reliable as you have discovered - apart from the format conversion stuff, all we can do in a web system is offer a web page for the browsers to print. But printing isn't reliable in any browser - they all have different print bugs and rarely fix them.

sub-page 'add Activity' broken?

I realise I'm adding to an old post here - I just installed sub-page on latest 2.3. Everything seems to work great! Except that I can't click on Add activity? I didn't see any permissions I need to add. Any ideas? Oh - and just to comment that your multiple select and move with checkboxes and dropdown are brilliant! Any chance this can go to core?

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1) There shouldn't be any special permissions needed to 'add activity', only the normal ones you need for the usual page. HOWEVER I think the subpage is not currently compatible (maybe) with the new activity chooser feature in 2.3. Try turning the new activity chooser off (using the option in the menu on the course main page) and see if it works then.

2) Thanks for comment re checkboxes smile And we would like to move subpage into core at some point but I'm not sure there is too much enthusiasm for that idea from HQ yet. I am trying to propose some changes that would allow 'subpage-like' modules to be implemented in a less hacky way, which would be the first step.