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Edited by Albert Williams, Saturday, 21 Apr 2012, 22:38

Well, I must say that achieving the certificate in Computing and IT was a challenge in its self, but one well worth the effort.

Studying M150 and T175, was my salvo entrance into the world of  Open University. I wouldn't say that I was not prepared for distant learning because  I was fresh out from a home-study course with  USDAW on trade unionism. I had also complete an International Correspondence School (ICS) in the USA in Journalsm and Short Story Writing and achieved a diploma in 2002, so I am well versed in distant learning ethics and attitudes.

But what is different about open University, is the vast array of resources that are available for students.

So here's to OU and continued success on the way to my goals

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Tempie Williams MIAB

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Congratulations Albert! You are such a motivator! Keep going you are a winner...you  are there... Love Tempie
Ras Albert Williams

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Thanks baby