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TM128 Microsoft sever technologies- a most challenging module

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Edited by Albert Williams, Monday, 7 Oct 2013, 12:46

If you are new to networking or Microsoft products in general, as I was, then getting your head around the material for TM128 Microsoft server technologies will present a challenge. A challenge yes, but not an insurmountable one. 

Materials for this course are drawn from four main sources: (1)The CompTIA Network+ Study Guide (the Network+ book) by Todd Lammle;(2) Microsoft IT Academy Online Learning Program; (3) Microsoft's Official Academic course workbooks- Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration (70-642) and Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration (70-640) and Open University tutors and other resources.

You need to be dedicated to your studies and come to your own conclusions as to the best approaoch to study this fascinating subject. It certainly isn't for you if this is your first OU course, as you need to be positive that distant learning is for you and that you can cope with the challenge of studying in a virtual environment.

Albert Williams

Course starting: October 2011

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