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Edited by Gill Ross, Monday, 3 Oct 2011, 12:18

Am a sick puppy at the moment.  Got a nasty cold and am thankful I got my EMAs over and done with before I succumbed to the dreaded lurgy.

Am feeling a little better today (Day 3 of Gill's Lurgy!) so am tackling the mountain of paper that we call "The Study" - OK, it used to be the spare bedroom but is now the intellectual hub of the household - wow, talk about biggin' it up - perhaps I should be an estate agent!!!!

Anyway, things are coming along a treat with only one breakage so far (and it wasn't the window!) so things are coming along a treat!

I feel a bit weird typing this - it's like hanging around the schoolyard when it's summer holidays smile - but why not? - I'm finishing Colloquial Italian off and intend working my way through Proudfoot in the break before Feb, so let's call it Summer School - and looking outside, it's the most summery weather we've had for months!!!

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