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Week 8 Activity 5

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Courses are expensive to be created due to design features since the material is made from scratch and this material is applied to a limited number of students who are taking the particular course. Designers should use the application of RAD (Rapid Application Design) where they can select and apply pre-defined routines from a menu of a programming environment. The essence of a learning object economy is the combination of a collection of learning objectives and collection of reusable leaning materials. Objects may be related to each other in many ways and the most common form of interaction is the containing interaction. In addition learning objects must use open standards in course construction that is it should be understood and used by everyone.


The IMS (Instructional Management Systems) Project is to “ promote the widespread adoption of Specifications that will allow distributed learning environments and content from multiple authors to work together” (Downes 2001). SCORM (Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model) describes in detail the object hierarchy in a ‘course and how objects’ methods which can be recalled, predefined functions are defined. There is a common language adopted by IMS and SCOEM and is adopted by database programmers, librariansm and designers around the world. A learning object may be a map, a webpage and interactive application or an online video anything that may be contained inside a course. “ There are two major facets to authoring learning objects. The first is the content of the learning object… and the second is the metadata describing the learning object”. (Downes 2001)



Downes (2001) Learning objcets: resources for distance education worldwide.



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