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Hey Blogland, 

Long time no speak or no write on my part really lol. 

It's been months since I last checked in and unfortunately not for the reason I would have liked, I'm still waiting for my transplant. It's actually 21 months on Monday that I'll have been waiting. Since my 2nd false alarm in October my health has been declining a bit more rapidly. My not so steady hart failure is becoming somewhat more unstable, my PH is getting worse along with increasingly bad lung function and has all sort of culminated in exceedingly bad health and energy levels and this has meant that I had to stop A326 because that was just So much work and with the amount of time I'm spending resting and attempting not to pop my clogs it just wasn't feasible to continue on with that module at this time. I am still doing DD101 and I'll pick A326 back up in October which means the OU has the pleasure of my presence for another year smile well maybe at least.

I'm getting slightly fed up waiting for my transplant now at the moment it has to be said especially now that my decline is kind of unstoppable and inevitable but I suppose everything happens for a reason and my time will come in the end.

I will try to update more, but I write my regular blog, a journal and then there's my work as well this blog just sort of gets a little forgotten but I definitely will try smile

Hope you are all well in blogland
Stacie xoxo  

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We're all still rooting for you and thinking of you. And I think we have the same purple slippers. blush


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You've been on my mind a lot this last couple of weeks.  Sorry to hear  your health has taken a dip. Sending you love.

Bren P

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Keep positive, although I'm sure the uncertainty is also bad for your health.