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Resubmission sorted!

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Edited by Stacie Pridden, Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014, 13:52

Heya Blogland, 

So it's obviously going to be a once a month thing with me updating you guys by the looks of things. Still waiting for my transplant 22 months now, I'm trying not to think about that subject LOL. I've been pretty ill the past month with various different things, trips to A&E and dealing with their "wonderful" receptionists but I think I'm on my way back up so fingers crossed it stays that way smile

With regards to my work I finally managed to pass my DD306 module whoop! Who thought that would happen? Yep no neither did I haha. I'm still working my way through DD101. It really isn't the most interesting module if I'm honest and as a self confessed procrastinator that certainly doesn't help mixed

My current TMA is supposed to be in the format of a report, I've never done that before so that will be interesting we'll see how that turns out. 

But generally I'm doing well smile 

Check out my other blog if you want more regular updates smile http://stacie-lifeisworththefight.blogspot.co.uk

Stacie xoxo

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Well done on passing that course! It looks really hard. wide eyes

Stacie Pridden

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Thanks Amy, it really was! :D xoxo