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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 3 May 2014, 04:40

Is this new?

I've just looked at the statistics and was rather overwhelmed, ok over 600,000 views is going some, but I have been doing this for four years and use this as a blog and e-portfolio by default. 

Are there over 4000 posts! I guess from what I've said this is feasible, perhaps 40% are 'hidden' cut and paste jobs or links or references to books or papers I may never read.

And if I'm less engaged directly here this last year it is because those fellow students on the MAODE haven't been using the OU Student Platform at all ... or very little indeed. I'd recommend it.

The temptation is to stick around to take the 'views' up to 1 million. This will require a few more years. The thing is I don't see myself back on an OU module 'til the autumn of 2015 at the very earliest. I wrap up H818 today then concentrate on things elsewhere.

I say it often.

On verra

'We'll see'

Working in some capacity or researching at the OU would change things.

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Bren P

New comment

It's been there for a few weeks & I don't like it. I kinda like the rapid decent into anonymity when the 'page' turns & you drop off the first/main view....

Design Museum

New comment

It 'gamifies' the platform and will lead to cheap tricks, like posting a line every hour for days on end to crank up your posts. Or being controversial to generate comments. I know this as I was blogging in 1999 when these features changed an innocent pursuit into one full of obsessives. writing to please anyone other than yourself is a mistake.