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Hey Blogland, 

So since we last spoke life has been pretty boring really. Although I'm currently in the process of trying to get my latest TMA done as quickly as I can because I'm going to end up in hospital this coming week because the antibiotics I'm on don't seem to be getting rid of the infection I have on my IV line thats coming out of my chest. So they end on Tuesday and if it it hasn't gone I have to go into hospital for a few weeks to be put on iV antibiotics and also have the line removed and then be sent down to Hammersmith where they will put a new one in. It's a massive kerfuffle in all honesty and I can't help wishing and hoping that I get my transplant before then so I don't have to do it and all this line coming out of my chest business will be over and done with. It's just really annoying and it interferes with my life so much. I'm sure it won't be much longer though, I will have been waiting for my transplant 2 years tomorrow so lets hope it's not much longer. 

Anyway I hope you are all well in blogland and I'm sure you'll hear from me again smile 
Stacie xoxo 

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Joy Sept 13

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Good luck with that, Stacie.  I hope it works out for you. 


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How strange, I was only thinking about you Friday and trying to remember the name of your blog. Sorry to hear about your iv line troubles. Hope it gets sorted properly. Can hardly beleive it's two years since you went on the transplant list. Blessings.