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What to do about odd socks

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 3 June 2014, 11:56

All my schemes and ideas to tackle odd socks have failed: days of the week, patterns, colours, all black (they fade and stretch in individual ways only known to a sock) ...

The answer of course, in summer at least, is not to wear them - I prefer 'deck shoes'.

The other response, something my son adopted years ago, is to wear odd sock and not give a damn. Here the answer is at least to wear odd socks from the same set.

 I then rather wonder if I couldn't have odd trouser legs to match? 

Is it then a case of the problem being in the eye of the perceiver?

That to the colour blind (or blind) there is not problem. The socks are all clean. They are all the same size (odd that in a family of four, but between my wife, daughter and son we do fit the size 6-8 sock).

That one solution to a problem is to ignore it.


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MY son assured me that wearing odd socks was fashionable at his school and not a reflection on his inability to pair socks from the clean washing basket.  I think I know where some of his odd socks are - screwed up down the back of various items of furniture in his bedroom where they were lobbed when removed - perhaps he was trying the sock test - if it sticks to the wall it needs to be in the wash basket.  My problem is all the men in the house are size 6-9, and need black socks for work/school.  Mine are white or hiking socks for work and never loose their pair (sole mates?)

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I want to regularly throw socks out and buy new but that isn't allowed sad My teenage son has socks with a marijuana pattern on them that generally find their way back to his room as a pair. Would one piece long-johns work with the socks built in. I haven't even mentioned tights. They knot themselves like bindweed around themselves but of course remain as a pair. Somehow socks have fallen to me, like putting out the rubbish and painting the garden fence ... and shopping, cooking, gardening. But my wife does the plumbing and cleans the oven which possibly makes up for everything! I digress. Instead of socks, a shoe lining that stays with the shoes? Paper socks that you throw away? I'd go with one colour, even black, so long as the colour was fast, but they fade into different shades of grey and shrink in different ways too sad