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Fig.1. Hastings Library

With too much going on around the house I've decided to dodge all distractions and the sun and head for the library. I am spoilt for choice:

Lewes Library

University of Sussex

'The Keep'

Instead I'm heading off to Hastings as I've heard they have the only book that covers something on the Royal Flying Corps who were based along the south coast in various capacities during the First World War. The shocking read on Shoreham airfield is that by all account one in four of the pilots crashed in training with few of them surviving - just too windy for the flimsy craft.

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Amazing building - could be part of a Morse/Sherlock Holmes plot.  Hope the inside lives up to the exterior.

Design Museum

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Sadly its days are numbered ... like three or four. They are in the process of moving into some modern job around the corner. Meanwhile its massively high ceilings and wide, worn stone steps like a Masonic lodge. One space to work in amongst the daily papers. I debunked to the De La Warr gallery, Bexhill. Better views and coffee smile