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I can't believe it was April the last time I wrote here. In all honesty I just forgot. I'm still waiting for my transplant it's been 2 years 3 and half months now, luckily my health seems to be stable after a few glitches earlier in the years. I've managed to go June and July without going to A&E which seems to be a accomplishment for me. 

Since I wrote I've had a a line removed and replaced which I can honestly say has to be one of the most horrid ordeals Ive had to date. being awake whilst some-one basically digs something out of your chest is not what I would call ideal especially when the anaesthetic doesn't early do what it's meant to because of the infection that you have. I'm hoping that's the last time I will have to go through that and the next time it happens they'll just take it out while I'm under having my transplant. I just wish it would happen already!

I've also been registered for my, hopefully, last module A326. It's the only one that I'm doing this year so I'm hoping I'll be able to dedicate my time to it, I didn't realise when I tried to do it last year how much work it would take and require so this time I feel a little more prepared for the amount of work it needs. I managed to Pass DD101 which is good... so one more module to go. 

I hope you are all well
Stacie xoxo 

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